Wednesday, January 05, 2005

Crying Out For Recognition

People today are crying out for recognition. They want to be persons. They want to be noticed, not in a showy way or because they have money or status, but because they are human beings.

Each of us is on a pilgrimage. We are seeking to encounter others who have the same needs as ourselves.

The greatest need of all is the need to be loved. But we pass one another by without noticing, without the slightest sign of recognition.

As Christians we are united by a close bond. So close that St. Paul called the Christian community "The Body of Christ."

It is time we begin to notice one another. Each person is a brother or sister in Christ. Each person then must be recognized. Each person must be given some sign of friendship, be it only a smile or a node of the head.

-- Catherine De Hueck Doherty



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