Thursday, April 28, 2005

A Polish Priest Accused of Spying

I wouldn't be surprised if the following allegations are true:

WARSAW — A Polish priest at the Vatican was accused Wednesday of collaborating with the communist-era secret police during the 1980s as Pope John Paul II was inspiring his countrymen to resist the Soviet-backed government.

Father Konrad Stanislaw Hejmo acknowledged that he had shared reports he wrote for Polish church officials with an acquaintance, a Pole who lived in Germany, but said he had not suspected that the man might be a spy.

I have never been a secret collaborator," Hejmo said in Rome. "I can blame myself for being naive. This man came, we helped…. I partly feel a victim."


Information on Polish-born John Paul, elected pope in 1978, would have been of great interest to the secret police because of his role in inspiring the Solidarity trade union-led opposition to the communist government, which collapsed in 1989.


I'm sure there were people who spied on Pope John Paul II during the first years of his papacy. It could be this priest or someone else. We need to wait for more details.


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