Saturday, May 14, 2005

Santo Subito

This piece of news was expected. But honestly, not this fast:

In death, the Supreme Pastor of the Universal Church acquired a new title for the modern age: the People's Pope.

And by the time of his funeral, it was clear the pilgrims had another title in mind.

"Santo subito!" chanted the crowds in St Peter's Square.

"Make him a Saint now!"

The Vatican is not accustomed to moving so quickly, but if the faithful have their way, John Paul II will achieve sainthood in record time.

When Pope Benedict XVI was elected, he promised to be a "listening" Pope. He must have realised the clamour to recognise the sanctity of his predecessor would not go away.

So he has now given the green light for John Paul II to be considered for beatification, the first stage in the process that leads to sainthood.


We obviously have a Pope who listens to his people.



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