Thursday, June 23, 2005

Fr. Santa Claus

Do you want to meet Santa Claus? If yes, then you need to travel to Lake Tahoe. Here are more details:

A United Catholic Church priest and monk in the Order of Anam Cara has legally changed his name to Santa Claus. He lives at Lake Tahoe and has the requisite twinkle in his eyes, spirit of giving, naturally white beard, belly, glasses, red suspenders, and now the official name: Santa Claus.
Santa reminds us that, for many centuries, people have celebrated the Feast of St. Nicholas on December 6th and Christmas on December 25th. When the Dutch settled New York, they managed to combine both celebrations.

Being a priest and a monk, just as St. Nicholas was, Santa emphasizes that Christmas is and should be a celebration of Christ’s birth and that he is not responsible for the celebration’s commercialization.

For additional information and to view Santa’s “naughty and nice” lists, visit


Well, seems like Santa DOES exist after all.


Blogger Nancy said...

hehe, now when kids ask their parents if Santa Clause really exist, parents don't have to feel guilty when they answer "yes"!

7/01/2005 04:22:00 PM  
Blogger Fayrouz said...

That's exactly what I thought about when I read the article :-)

7/01/2005 11:03:00 PM  

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