Monday, July 04, 2005

Faith and Science at The Vatican

Reuters reported:

CASTELGANDOLFO, Italy - Everyone knows the Vatican is interested in Heaven but it may come as a surprise to some that it is also interested in the heavens.
"The Vatican wants to show its appreciation for science," said Father Chris Corbally, a soft-spoken Jesuit from Britain who is the observatory's vice-director and dean of its international summer school.
Popes have been intertwined with astronomy for centuries.

The Inquisition condemned Galileo for insisting that the earth revolved around the sun. It was just one step in a tango between faith and science that still goes on today.
"These students come here because they want to learn more science," said Corbally.

"The whole environment of the place invites reflection. But we don't ask what their faith is, or if they have any. What we do ask is what quality of person they are, what enthusiasm they have, what is the promise of continuing in research careers in astronomy or in astrobiology," he said.


This is so cool. I hope Iraqi students get the chance to participate in this program.

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