Tuesday, July 12, 2005

I Don't See a Problem Here

The Georgia Bulletin reported:

Desperation for monetary aid and security has forced churches in Iraq to accept help from the Kurdish regional government in the northern part of the country. But some Iraqi bishops are worried that taking money from Kurdish authorities will compromise their political neutrality and anger their Arab neighbors, an Iraqi priest told Catholic News Service...

Father Najib said that several months ago the regional Kurdish government was paying the salaries of bishops in northern Iraq as well as salaries of church staff, including gardeners, drivers and security guards. He said the bishops met and decided not to accept the stipend for themselves "because it's very dangerous to take salaries now from the Kurds."


I don't see any problem in accepting financial help from the Kurdish regional government. The Kurds are as Iraqis as anyone else. So, accepting help from the Kurds shouldn't be viewed as a betrayal of the Arab neighbors.


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