Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Could It Be a French Miracle?

ORIGINAL POST Dec. 4, 2005
You probably know that late Pope John Paul II is on the road to beatification, which requires a miracle after his death. But, could this miracle come from France? Well, here's what was reported last week:

Rome - A French miracle may take the late Pope John Paul II to beatification, a step towards sainthood, his former secretary archbishop of the Polish city of Krakow Stanislaw Dziwisz said, the Italian news agency Ansa reported.
The discovery of convincing evidence of a miracle - usually a medical cure with no scientific explanation - is a key part of the beatification process. A second miracle must be found for the process of canonisation as a saint.

Dziwisz refused to reveal any further details but I-media, a new agency specialising in the Vatican, reported the miracle involved a nun with terminal cancer who was cured when her fellow nuns prayed at her bedside to the late John Paul II in October 2005.
Dziwisz said the process of beatification was progressing very well and the case could be finished "in March".


I guess we'll have some good news before Easter 2006. That will be cool.

UPDATE I - Jan. 31, 2006
I posted about this back in December 2005. See the original post below this update. Here's more about the miracle:

ROME: The Vatican may have found the "miracle" it needs to put the late Pope John Paul II one step closer to sainthood: the medically inexplicable healing of a French nun with the same Parkinson's disease that afflicted him.

But Vatican officials said any decision about the healing was a long way off.
The elderly nun, who had been incapacitated by Parkinson's and was confined to bed, experienced a complete and lasting cure after members of her community prayed for the intercession of John Paul. The reported miracle occurred shortly after the pontiff's death.

The Polish cleric Monsignor Slawomir Oder, the Catholic Church official in charge of promoting the cause to declare the late Pope a saint, says an investigation into the healing has cleared an initial inquiry by doctors.

"I don't want to speak yet about a miracle because it is something too important," Monsignor Oder said. But the nun, he said, "has been cured of … an illness that was so visible even in the last part of John Paul II's life".


So, she had Parkinson's disease and not cancer as it was initially reported by some news organizations.

UPDATE I - May. 16, 2006
The study case has been published in a Catholic publication. Zenit.org has the details:

VATICAN CITY, MAY 16, 2006 (Zenit.org).- An account of an inexplicable cure that might facilitate Pope John Paul II's canonization has been published in the bulletin promoted by the postulation of his cause of beatification.

The document was written by a French nun, whose identity has not been made public, who says she was cured of Parkinson's with the Polish Pope's intercession. He suffered from the same disease.

"It seems to me that I have been reborn," wrote the nun, in the testimony that appeared in the bulletin Totus Tuus.

"Today I can say that the friend who left our earth is now very close to my heart," she added. "What the Lord has granted me to live through the intercession of John Paul II is a great mystery, difficult to explain with words ... but nothing is impossible for God."


I'll keep you updated.


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