Thursday, May 18, 2006

Patron Saint of Real Estate Sale

ORIGINAL POST - Sept. 16, 2005
We adore saint Joseph in my household. My husband calls him "my buddy." He's always there for us whenever we need him, especially when it involves money.

If we need extra money to pay our bills, I light a St. Joseph novena candle and the next day people would call to hire me or my husband for freelance gigs. He never disappointed us since we were married. He's definitely the patron saint of family protection and fathers work.

But I didn't know in parts of America, he's considered the patron saint of real estate sale. Here's what Newhouse News Service reported last month:

At the Saint Jude Shop in Somerville, N.J., the shelves are stocked with Catholic supplies such as rosaries, Communion dresses, Bibles, gifts and crucifixes.

But one of the hottest-selling items -- particularly these days with so many "For Sale" signs planted on suburban lawns -- is a 4-inch statue of St. Joseph. That is because St. Joseph, in addition to being venerated as the chaste husband of the Virgin Mary and earthly father of Jesus, is revered in many circles for his uncanny ability to sell real estate in a pinch.

To uncork St. Joseph's selling magic, the statue is typically stuffed inside a protective canvas bag and buried head first in the front lawn near the For Sale sign. Once the home is sold, the statue must be exhumed and displayed prominently in a person's next home.


I guess it's part of being the patron saint of family protection and fathers work.

I checked Amazon for St. Joseph homes sale kit and found this oneand this one.I don't have to worry about it for now as we live in an apartment.

UPDATE I - May 18, 2006
Here's the prayer to St. Joseph to help in real-estate sale:

Dear St. Joseph, household protector,

Please pray for a trouble free house sale.

Pray that a loving family is welcomed by this home and that a seamless settlement is completed.

Please ask that we find the perfect house to move into and that it becomes a peaceful dwelling for our family.

In the Lord's name, we offer our thanks.


Source: Saintly Advice

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Blogger Liam said...

It is true that burying St Joseph, etc., comes a little too close to unorthodoxy (moving from a devotion to a quasi-magical operation), but as long as one does it both devotion and a sense of fun, I'm sure St Joseph wouldn't mind.

When we were desperately in need of an apartment, St Joseph was one of the saints we prayed to, and we ended up with a lovely place.

St Joseph is one of those minor characters in the Gospel, disappearing after the finding of Christ in the Temple. But I always admired his sensitivity. When Mary became pregnant and he had no reason to suspect an otherworldly reason for it, he was thinking of a quiet divorce, which was the kindest of responses for his cultural context. When the angel explained to him what was going on, he was instantly obedient. What a great saint.

5/19/2006 10:50:00 AM  
Blogger Fayrouz said...

Hi Liam,

St. Joseph is probably the most humble person in the new tastement. As a saint he's as much loved in my household as St. Anthony.

5/19/2006 07:44:00 PM  

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