Friday, October 20, 2006

Prayer of Reconciliation

The daily news from Iraq has depressed lately. So tonight, I decided to post prayer of reconcilaition:

Life teaches us
that although we try to change others,
realistically we can only attempt
to change ourselves;
yet, so often reconciliation is viewed
in terms of changing other people.

And so I say that for each of us,
reconciliation must take place
first in our own hearts
wherein each of us
confesses and acknowledges
that we have made our own contribution
to any disunity and separation
that to some degree exists among us.

It is my fervent hope and prayer
that we shall receive the gift of healing
and reconciliation and true unity
which is only the Lord’s to give,
and comes simply from our willingness
to open ourselves to receive it.

: Sisters of St. Francis of Philadelphia

Tomorrow is another day. Hopefully, it brings better news from around the world and Iraq.



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