Monday, May 09, 2005

A Belgian Jesuit Priest Killed In Congo

CathNews reported today:

The 71 year old rector of the international Jesuit study centre outside the Congolese capital Kinshasa was shot and killed by looters after his car was stopped at about 8:00 pm on Saturday night.

Fr René De Haes had spent most of his life in Congo. Two of the looters asked him for money or his car. Then De Haes was shot five times. He was then transferred to the University Hospital, but his life could not be saved.


Misna published more details of the incident:

...The Belgian Jesuit priest was murdered by an unidentified group last Saturday night. A reconstruction of the even according to eyewitness accounts say that three men opened fire against the De Haes’ car. They were wearing military uniforms and had just completed extorting money from passengers in a micro-bus in the middle of the road near the Kindele area of town. Other witnesses, namely 'Voix de Sans voix' (Vsv, a human rights group in Congo), stress that the entire area where the murder took place was, that same night, the site of armed robbery and theft at the hand of men dressed in military uniforms. VSV says that last Saturday night, 4 people were murdered in Kindele apart form Father de Haes, while another 8 were wounded. The same murderers of father Haes, say witnesses, the continued to engage in their criminal activities for more than hour undeterred robbing shops, extorting money and robbing houses before the arrival of police forced them to flee.


May his soul and the others killed by the robbers rest in peace.


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