Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Jesus Diet

Here we are again with another diet. This time, it's the Jesus diet. The BBC reports:

Don Colbert, a Florida doctor, believes asking yourself "What would Jesus eat?" is the best way to stay fit, slim and trim.

In his book, which gets its title from this question, he explores some of the Old Testament dietary laws and looks at foods mentioned in the Bible.

He says: "If you truly want to follow Jesus in every area of your life you cannot ignore your eating habits.
Eric Eve, a tutor in theology and a New Testament scholar at Oxford University, said: "The staple diet of a Mediterranean peasant in Jesus' day would have been bread.

"Round Lake Tiberias - the Sea of Galilee - fish would also have been significant, though for peasants perhaps only in small quantities to provide a relish for the bread.

"Grapes and olives were also grown in Galilee, but more as cash crops for the wine and oil trade than for peasant consumption."

He said food was probably scarce. "Many of them probably went hungry much of the time, or achieved only bare subsistence."

But he said: "I can't imagine many modern Americans taking enthusiastically to all the features of a "biblical" diet


Over the years, I realized the best diet is to reduce the amounts of food you eat and exercise. I think Jesus did a lot of exercise by walking many miles almost every day.


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