Friday, May 06, 2005

Pope Benedict XVI and E-Bay Bids

It looks like the Golden Casino bought another item from on e-bay:

A 21-year-old who had the good luck of buying a Volkswagen whose seats were once warmed by the current Pope is suddenly flush with cash. Divine intervention? No: eBay.

In January, Benjamin Halbe paid a used car salesman 9,500 euros ($12, 204) for a 1999 Volkswagen Golf and hit jackpot.

But the 21-year-old from Olpe, in southern Germany, didn't know that until a few months later when, after checking the previous owner's records, he found that a Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger had owned the car. Shortly thereafter, Ratzinger changed his name to Pope Benedict XVI, succeeding the late Pope John Paul II, and sending Halbe on his way to some serious cash.

On May 5, the day of the Acension, Halbe's silver-gray Golf sold for 188,938.88 euros on eBay. The winning bidder was an American online casino, which contacted Halbe minutes later to ask about his bank coordinates.


As for the online casino that won the bid, it will have to be careful not to promise too much in advertising the former Pope mobile. Ratzinger never had a driver's license and, by all accounts, he owned the car for little less than a year.


This is the same casino that previously bought a partially eaten grilled cheese sandwich and a pretzel that some believe is shaped like the Virgin Mary holding baby Jesus.


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