Friday, August 05, 2005

Murder of a Catholic Priest In Lagos, Nigeria reported:

St. Dominic Catholic Church, in reaction to murder of one of its priests, Reverend Father Godwin Okwesili, said yesterday that the incident was not an assassination.

Okwesili was shot in the church premises on Tuesday at about 4.45pm by three men, who came pretending to give a parcel from the United States to a priest in the church.

In a statement endorsed by Father Gilbert Thesing, O.P. Prior, and Father MaryVin Ubili, there was nothing to suggest that the gunmen came on a mission to murder Okwesili or any other person at the church but rather to rob.

"He was shot dead in front of his room door. The robbers traded blames on the shooter, why did you shoot him? Why did you shoot him? The shooting ended their mission as they all left immediately."


Rest in peace Fr. Godwin Okwesili.


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