Sunday, September 11, 2005

The Death of Innocents

I'm against the death penalty. In my opinion, it doesn't achieve much. If the person is guilty, then the death penalty wouldn't do much other than give him an easy ride to finish his life instead of spending years in prison reflecting on his crime(s). If an innocent person is sentenced to death, then we have an even bigger problem.

I very much enjoyed watching the movie, "Dead Man Walking."adapted from Sister Helen Prejean's book with the same title. It's actually one of my favorite movies of all times. I salute Sister Helen Prejean for her efforts to abolish the death penalty in America. You probably know that Sister Helen is from New Orleans. She's currently in Baton Rouge as reported by The Gainesville Sun:

Hurricane Katrina forced Sister Helen Prejean and about 60 other nuns to flee their New Orleans Mother House last week and relocate indefinitely to Baton Rouge.

But the catastrophe had an effect on something else to which the woman who has come to be known as "the Death-Penalty Nun" has devoted her life.

"Katrina put a moratorium on the death penalty in Louisiana for at least three years," Prejean, 66, said before her talk Wednesday night at Holy Faith Catholic Church in Gainesville.

She said court buildings in New Orleans were so badly damaged that judges, among other things, won't be reviewing death-penalty cases anytime soon. In effect, Katrina partly did in a day what Prejean has been working more than 20 years to accomplish - abolish the death penalty in the United States.


That's probably true, but not for a very long time.

Last December, she published another book titled, "The Death of Innocents : An Eyewitness Account of Wrongful Executions."I haven't read the book yet. But, I intend to read it. I believe in her message, and I hope she succeeds in convincing our politicians to abolish the death penalty.

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Blogger Pebble said...

I do find it strange that people can say the word and snuff out a life legally.
If I were sentenced to prison, I'd much rather be executed. So maybe you're right about keeping them alive, but I don't think it gives them time to reflect, prison is not the place to be, it's full of crime and violence... I person should be rehabilitated and if not possible, work for county or state to pay for his/her confinement,that way they don't go nuts, and we don't have to foot the bill for criminals...
This subject is full of things to be discussed. I'm pro choice, let them
I think we make people stay alive, force it on them.

My baby sister did not want to live, but they made her, everytime she coded they brought her back even though she and the family said let her go... She lived 18 miserable years, she once drove her electric wheelchair into the pool, in hopes of drowing herself, but she was, how should I put it "caught"... another time she had a child hand her all her meds (a months worth) and she took them all... again she was caught.
Her body died on it's own three times in the first few days after her car accident, but they brought her back and back and back. We had to watch her suffer those 18 years...

But that has nothing to do with the death penalty... I'm a ramblin here.

I think if a person gets the death penalty, or is subject to it, let it be their decision. Not sure, this is a tough one.

I hope Mark is doing well, he has been in my prayers.

9/12/2005 07:50:00 PM  
Blogger Fayrouz said...


I like your idea of making them work for the county. I don't believe those people would reflect on their crimes and repent while in prisno. But, I don't believe in giving them an easy exit from this life after being convicted of their crimes.

Mark is doing well. He may go back to Louisiana sometime soon. Check his blog for a cute photo of an evacuee's wedding.

9/12/2005 08:21:00 PM  

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