Tuesday, October 11, 2005

A Message From Mother Mary

When I visited my family in Michigan two years ago, I noticed many Iraqi homes displayed a statue of Mother Mary in their front or back yards.

A few days ago, I read the following piece of news on Chaldean.org:

Chaldeans in Michigan flock by the thousands to the Pattah home on Fox Hill Drive in Sterling Heights where supposedly a miracle has taken place. The Pattah family has been inundated by pilgrims from all over the world to witness the mysterious occurrence.

After having visions of the Virgin Mary Ghassan had grown increasingly ill. Amira, Ghassan’s mother says that once her son’s condition worsened the statue of Jesus Christ's mother, which sat on the front lawn and was once looking straight ahead, bowed her head and shed tears in sorrow. When Ghassan died in the hospital a number of witnesses claim to have seen the photo of the Virgin Mary weeping. The family and other eye witness also attest to seeing a photograph of Mary blinking and producing a tear and seeing the image of the Virgin Mary appear in a photograph of the deceased Ghassan Pattah. a tear in photographs of her, the family said.

Ghassan Pattah, 39 passed away from what doctors are calling heart failure. Many, including Ghassan’s family are calling it odd since he was in good health, neither a drinker nor smoker, and was initially diagnosed with only a fever. While with the fever Ghassan tells his mother that the Virgin Mary has visited him and to his brother he confides that he will die soon, the family said. “This is a message that we have to change our ways,” said Sal Pattah, Ghassan’s brother.


Chaldeans are very attached to Mother Mary. During the Iran-Iraq war, there were similar stories told in Iraq. But, this is the first time I've seen pictures like above.

Whether true or fiction, I hope she brings hope to the hearts of Iraqis. We really need hope during these dark times.


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