Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Indian Catholic Clergy and Law Studies

I've been wanting to publish the following story for a while now. But, I never found the time to do it. So, here's the story:

New Delhi, Jan. 10 ( - The high court of India's southern Kerala state has stayed an earlier court judgment that had upheld right of nuns and priests to practice as lawyers.

Two nuns and a priest with degrees in law had won a landmark judgment in their favor in November, after Kerala's state bar council denied membership to the nuns and priest on the ground that Catholic clergy and religious were already in "religious professions" and therefore should not be allowed to act as legal professionals as well. The lower court had ruled that members of a "religious profession" were not involved in "trade or business which generates income," noting that no one becomes a priest or nun "for employment and earning a living."


I don't have a problem with nuns or priests becoming lawyers. Hey, they may even be kinder than normal lawyers and charge lower fees :-)


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