Sunday, February 26, 2006

Joseph, Joseph

I'm tired of the latest news from Iraq. And, I really really really need to laugh for a change. Since Lent isn't that far, I thought to share this Catholic joke with you -- I hope you don't get offended by the joke:

Jesus Christ is on the cross and is obviously dying. He looks up and hoarsely calls, "“Joseph. Joseph."”

At the beckoning of his master, Joseph rushes to the foot of Jesus'’ cross. Just then, the Roman guards grab Joseph and cut off his legs and throw him into the crowd of onlookers.

Later, an exhausted Jesus looks around and again calls, "“Joseph. Joseph."”

Again at the beckoning of his master, Joseph crawls with just the use of his arms to the foot of Jesus’ cross. Again the Roman soldiers seize Joseph, cut off his arms and throw him into the gawking crowd.

Hours later, Jesus again looks over the city with a sense of bewilderment and calls, "“Joseph. Joseph."”

With super-human strength, Joseph musters his remaining energy to crawl inch-by-inch with the use of his chin alone to the foot of Jesus’ cross. Upon seeing this show of sheer devotion, the Roman guards allowed Joseph to speak to Jesus.

Joseph said, "“I am here for you my Lord."

Jesus said, "“Joseph?"”

Joseph said, "“Yes my Lord, I am here for you."”

Jesus said, "“Joseph, I can see your house from here."”

Have a nice Sunday everyone.


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