Friday, June 23, 2006

Four Christians Arrested In Saudi Arabia

This isn't the first time Christians have been arrested in Saudi Arabia for practising their religion. You'd think this harrasment would stop due to pressure from the international community. Nope, there has been more arrests this month. AsiaNews reports:

Jeddah (AsiaNews) – The notorious Muttawa (religious police) have struck Christians in Saudi Arabia once again. According to the Compass Direct agency, on 9 June, 10 police armed with wooden clubs broke into a private residence in Jeddah, arresting four Christians of African origin who were conducting a prayer service. The two Ethiopians and two Eritreans are reportedly still detained in a prison for immigrants in Jeddah.

The government of Saudi Arabia forbids the practice of any religious other than the fundamentalist Wahhabite version of Islam. Mission and any public manifestation like carrying a Bible, a crucifix, a rosary beads and praying in public, are forbidden. The muttawa, known for their ruthlessness and violent torture practices, monitor respect for the ban,.


Lucky are those who live in countries that grant freedom of religion. Unlucky are those who live in countries that subject them to prosecution because of their religious beliefs.


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