Monday, July 10, 2006

Four-leaf Shamrock (Clover)

For this year's St. Patrick's Day, Mark bought me two small shamrock (clover) plants. As we all know it's a three-leaf plant. The chances of finding a four-leaf clover is 1 in 10,000 clovers.

Yesterday, we noticed that the green shamrock we kept in our balcony has grown two four-leaf clovers. Mark grabbed the camera and took a beautiful picture of the plant to keep as a memory.

© Mark M. Hancock

I searched the internet for the meaning of a four-leaf clover. I found the following poem by American poet Ella Higginson:

I know a place where the sun is like gold
and the cherries bloom forth in the snow;
And down underneath is the loveliest place,
Where the four-leaf clovers grow.

One leaf is for FAITH,
And one is for HOPE,
And one is for LOVE you know;
And GOD put another in for LUCK:
If you search you will find where they grow.

But you must have FAITH,
And you must have HOPE,
You must LOVE and be strong and so...
If you work and you wait,
You will find the place
Where the FOUR-LEAF CLOVERS grow!

We're very happy in Beaumont. So this could be a message for us to stay in this city for the rest of our lives. However, I doubt it considering how life has forced me to change cities so many times.


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