Thursday, July 20, 2006

Stem-Cell Conference At The Vatican

With the stem-cell research debate heating up in America, it's good to know the Vatican is open-minded to this debate. It even sponsored a conference to discuss this important issue:

By The Universe: A new scientific conference sponsored by the World Federation of Catholic Medical organisations and the Office of the Roman Curia is expected to reveal that Embryonic Stem Cell research is light years away from providing the medical benefits that can be achieved through non-embryonic stem cell research.

Speakers to the conference, which will be held in Rome in September, will present their findings and may also be granted an audience with Pope Benedict. Professor of Regenerative Medicine at Newcastle University Dr Colin McGuckin, who will be speaking about his own research into using the possibilities offered by stem cell research said that by using cord blood from new-born babies, people in need of organ transplants could benefits greatly from the research, which has been developed over the past 15 years in the UK.

"This is better for humanity," he said.

It's definilely better for humanity. Science is what keeps me closer to God and never made me run away from him.

He then adds:

"There are not enough embryonic stem cells available to provide the right tissue type for everyone. But with 100 million babies born every year we have a vast supply of cord blood stem cells, which should be able to provide enough tissue for everyone.

"Embryonic stem cell research cannot compete with the benefits of cord blood."

He added: "As I understand it, as a Catholic, we are into forgiveness and understanding and also as a scientist, I promote what I feel is a workable stem cell group - cord blood stem cells. It is not my place to advise the church on policy, but rather to explain to them what the alternatives are and what can be realistically be done with cord blood - which is already a lot."


With constructive debate, we can reach a middle ground that would benefit millions of people who are waiting for an advancement in this field of science to cure their diseases.


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