Sunday, August 20, 2006

The Greek Hunt For a Stolen Icon of Mother Mary

I can't believe someone would steal an icon from a monastery in Greece. I guess I'm a bit naive when it comes to the minds of thieves. The BBC News reports:

A major police operation is under way in southern Greece to try to find a team of burglars who stole one of the country's leading religious icons.

The icon of the Virgin Mary, at the monastery of Elona, symbolised Greek freedom during a 19th-Century campaign to expel the Turkish Ottoman empire.

Police are working on the theory that the thieves hid inside the monastery when it closed to the public.

They are then thought to have been lowered by rope into the sanctuary.


I hope Mother Mary helps bring back the icon to the monastery. For the thieves, I hope you don't find a restful moment in your life until you return the icon.

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