Thursday, October 12, 2006

Iraqi Christians, The Beginning of The End

Again, I try to bring attention to the plight of the Iraqi Christians. It's the beginning of the end to the this community that existed before Muslims made their way into Iraq. Still, nobody seems to care.

The last two weeks witnessed an extensive campaign to kidnap and rape Iraqi Christians girls. Ankawa Online has been the vocal voice to condemn and report these crimes. AsiaNews is a publication I dearly respect for its continuous coverage of the deterioting situation of the Iraqi Christians. It reports from Baghdad:

Baghdad (AsiaNews) – Young Christian women and girls have been abducted and released after ransom money was paid only to commit suicide because of the shock, violence and shame they experienced....
Often incidents do not end with the prisoner's release. In one case in Baghdad, the victim committed suicide after the ransom was paid and she went home because of the torture and sexual violence she suffered.

In another case, a young woman talked to her family by phone (the kidnappers allowed her to speak to her family to reassure them that she was alive) and told them: “I'm dead” (referring to being gang raped). She eventually committed suicide whilst still in the hands of her tormenters.


Today in Mosul, the Iraqi Orthodox Christian community laid to rest Fr Paulos Eskandar. Fr. Paulos was kidnapped on Sunday. His decapitated body was found yesterday in Mosul. His murder dried my hope that Iraqi Christians can continue to live in Iraq

The list of horrors is long. But, I'm sick and tired of the American left and right wings' ignorance when it comes to this sensational subject. I'll continue to report the situation even if it doesn't make a difference in America. At least, I know my Italian readers are deeply concerned of the difficult situation facing the Iraqi Christians. Your prayers and campaigns mean so much to me.

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