Wednesday, October 04, 2006

The Turkish Hijacker And The Pope

Pope Benedict XVI continues to make the news. This time, it's over the hijacking of a Turkish Airliner by a Turkish Christian convert. The hijacker allegedly wanted to communicate with the Pope by his act of terror. The Sydney Morning Herald reports:

Turkish officials had originally reported as many as four hijackers acting in protest against the Pope's planned trip to Turkey next month. The Pope angered Muslims in a speech last month when he cited a quotation calling Islam "evil and inhuman" and linking the religion to violence.

But it emerged the hijacker was a Christian convert who wanted to avoid military service in Turkey and wrote to the Pope several months ago for help to avoid serving in "a Muslim army".

It gets better from there. The report continues:

"While the chief stewardess entered the cockpit to ask if we needed anything, the terrorist entered by force. I tried to push him out but he was a big man and I failed to stop him," Turkish Airlines captain Mursel Gokalp told reporters in Istanbul.

"He said his only aim was to give a message to the Pope and then he would submit himself to the police. He said that if he failed to deliver his message his three friends at the back of the plane would detonate the plastic bombs they had."


Whoever baptized this person should have taught him the peaceful manners of Jesus. How about sending a letter or an e-mail to the Pope? Nooooooo, he have to make a scene of himself and terrorize the passangers on the plane. I guess the Turks are obsessed with Popes.

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