Friday, November 03, 2006

The Carmelite Nuns and Godcasts

If you're into iTunes and iPod, then you definitely heard of podcasts. There's another term I learned today. It's Godcasting or Godcasts. The Atlanta Journal-Constitution reports:

"Godcasting" has already gone wide. Now it's going to the edges.

A community of Carmelite nuns in Indianapolis have started what's believed to be the first podcast from a cloistered community.

Or as some call them, Godcasts.
Sister Therese said her sisters started the podcast at the suggestion of the Indianapolis ad agency that does pro bono work for them. "We thought we could have a better outreach to young people," she said. "That seems to be the way everybody is going — they have their iPods, and they're pretty mobile."

In the first podcast, several nuns talk about how anyone can be contemplative. She said there are plans to do regular podcasts, as others do, probably once a month.


The nuns also have a beautiful website, Pray The News. It amazes me how nuns can multitask. Something I've never been able to master. In short, nuns rock.

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