Sunday, November 05, 2006

Letters To God

I find the following story very interesting:

PHILADELPHIA (Reuters) - A U.S. man who found 300 letters to God floating in the Atlantic Ocean said on Friday he will donate them to a church instead of selling them on eBay following protests from religious people.

The letters, sent to a deceased Baptist clergyman, mysteriously wound up in a sealed plastic shopping bag near a beach in Atlantic City, New Jersey.
Lacovara said he could have auctioned them off on eBay for up to $15,000 and would have given the money to charity. But he has withdrawn them from the online auction service because he said the move offended some religious people.


First, I liked the eBay idea since the money would be given to a charity. But, these letters were written by people who never thought their prayer requests or confessions would end up on eBay. So, I can see how the eBay idea may upset some people.

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