Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Honoring Al-Fikr Al-Masihi Magazine

With delight, I received the following happy news from Fr. Yousif Thomas:

The Iraqi monthly Al-Fikr Al-Masihi was awarded the 2007 gold medal by the International Catholic Union of the Press.

"Al-Fikr Al-Masihi, published in Arabic, survived the worst of crises in the history of Iraq and it did so by becoming a reference point for all peoples: Muslims, Christians and other religions; and all types of ethnic and language groups," explained the press union.

The title of the monthly translates as Christian Thought.


This is a well-deserved honor for a dedicated team of writers and editors who have produced the magazine over the years. I was very young when I started reading the magazine, and I still subscribe to it.

Thank you to the magazine's team in Iraq. God bless you all.

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