Tuesday, September 11, 2007

The West Bank Oktoberfest

Source: BBC News

Taybeh beer comes in a variety of different guises, from Dark to Gold, with a green-labelled non-alcoholic version in development.

The media is blamed for mostly reporting the bad news. So, when the media reports pleasant news for a change, especially from the Middle East, I have to give them credit. The BBC News reports:

Probably one of the things one least expects to come across on a visit to the Israeli-occupied West Bank is a high-spirited beer festival in full swing.

But that is exactly what visitors to the small Palestinian Christian village of Taybeh were treated to at the weekend.
One of the curiosities of the original Bavarian version is that it starts in September - something to do with timing of the brewing process.

This year, Taybeh's Oktoberfest also took place in September - although Mr Khoury [The brewey's owner] says he brought it forward out of respect for his Muslim neighbours, who begin their holy month of Ramadan this week.

I don't drink much beer. But, this festival sounds like fun.

When we lived in Dallas, we never missed The Grapefest. The pictures from the West Bank Oktoberfest reminded me of the good old days in Dallas when we attended the wine festival. Those were irreplaceable days and I miss them.

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