Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Epiphany of The Lord In Iraq

Bless our house, dear Lord.
Bless every person who lives here.
Bless every person who enters our door.

Help us to welcome each one as though we were welcoming you.

We recall how the Holy Family received the three kings that day so long ago.

You example shows us that all are welcome in your heart and all are to be welcomed to our households.

Help us to make our home a place of peace.
Remind us that it is to be a center of joy.

Show us how to make it a home where love of God and love of others is lived each day.

Help us to be like Jesus, Mary and Joseph.


-- Source: My local church's bulletin.

On Sunday, I attended the Epiphany of the Lord mass at my local church in Beaumont, Texas. After mass, the parishioners were invited to a pancake breakfast at the church hall. All went peaceful and quiet.

In Baghdad and Mosul on Sunday, the Iraqi Christians' Epiphany of the Lord had a different color. The insurgents, who want to tear Iraq apart, paid their respect to Jesus with coordinated bombings of churches in Baghdad and Mosul. Fortunately, there were only four injuries.

The next day, parishioners attended mass at St. Paul's church in Mosul, which was the target of the previous day's attacks. The parishioners prayed for their trespassers and for peace in Iraq. That's the spirit of the Epiphany of the Lord as Iraqi Christians know it.

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