Monday, April 07, 2008

Fr. Yousif Adel Abodi Murdered In Baghdad

Source: Ankawa Online

Another day, another sorrow in Iraq. On Saturday, Syriac Orthodox priest, Fr. Yousif Adel Abodi, was murdered in front of his house in Baghdad. His murder comes a few weeks after the murder of Chaldean Bishop Rahho in Mosul.

Fr. Yousif was born in 1961. He earned a bachelors degree in electrical engineering and worked at the Iraqi Ministry of Transportation before he became a priest in 2001.

Zenit reports:

Speculation surrounding the murder links it to Father Adel's involvement in interreligious dialogue. The priest was the director of an integrated school attended by Christians and Muslims of both sexes.

AsiaNews reported that Father Adel had already been pressured to resign his position at the school by threats and intimidation.

The Vatican newspaper L'Osservatore Romano reported that Father Adel served the Church of St. Peter, whose parish priest, Father Doglas Youssef Al Bazi, was kidnapped in November 2006 and released nine days later.

Source: Ankawa Online

R.I.P. Fr. Yousif.

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