Sunday, October 12, 2008

The Exodus of Iraqi Christians From Mosul

During the last two weeks, there has been an alarming escalation in attacks against Iraqi Christians in Mosul. If you follow this blog, this news should come as no surprise to you. I've reported the kidnapping and murder of Iraqi Christian clergymen as it has happened in Mosul:

March 2008:
Chaldean Bishop Rahho Kidnapped Then Killed In Mosul.

October 2007:
The Kidnapping of Two Syriac Catholic Priests In Mosul.

June 2007:
The Murder of Fr. Ragheed and Three Deacons.

January 2005:
Iraqi Syriac Catholic Archbishop Is Released.

As more attacks took place against churches, clergymen and ordinary citizens, more Iraqi Christian families left the city.

But nothing compares to the last two weeks where at least 11 Iraqi Christians were killed in Mosul. This was followed by extremist campaigns to drive the small community out of the city.

There has been little reaction from the local and national government about these attacks -- not that the national government ever cared about what happens outside the borders of the Green Zone.

Everyone knows the remnants of extremists groups moved operations to Mosul. This also should come as no surprise. Each time the U.S. Army cleans a city of extremists, those groups move to another city.

According to different Iraqi Web sites, more than 500 families have fled the city so far. The CNN puts the number to 900. By the end of the week, there probably won't be any living Iraqi Christian families in Mosul.

UPDATE I - October 13, 2008
Another Iraqi Christian has been killed in Mosul today as reported by AsiaNews:

Mosul’s Christian community experienced another attack yesterday. A store owner in this northern Iraqi city was targeted in what seems to be a strategy to drive out the entire community. Oarkis Alton, a records seller, was killed at work. His cousin was also wounded in the attack which took place despite an increased police presence around churches and in Christian neighbourhoods. A corollary of all this is the increasing attention paid by Arab media both within and without Iraq to the problem.

UPDATE II - October 13, 2008
Ankawa Online reports the cousin has died today of his wounds.

UPDATE III - October 25, 2008
Something to share with you. Courtesy of Ankawa Online.

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Blogger Jon Hermiz said...

The government of the nation of Iraq does not care for any of this news for several reasons.

The nation is run by islamic fundamentalist imbeciles whose policies mimic that of former Iranian leader Ayotollah Rahulla Khomeni.

Nouri Al-Maliki, current prime minister of Iraq, was in hiding during the Saddam era. Guess where Mr. Al-Maliki was hiding? Iran...

If you haven't already noticed a majority of the new leaders of Iraq are actually from Iran or were in hiding in Iran during the Saddam era. Their beliefs mimic those of Islamic Fundamentalists. To kill a Christian is there goal..their ultimatium is to eliminate Christianity and allow Islam to spread.

The nation, although carrying a financial surplus, is basically a bankrupt farced nation being run by imbeciles whose ideas are in line with Islamic Fundamentalism.

The killings will not stop...ever. That is the problem with why this war should have never happened. The Bush administration did not realize that their arch enemy, Saddam Hussein, was keeping all of these Iranian's in check.

10/16/2008 02:37:00 PM  

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