Monday, December 06, 2004

St. Nicholas - The Real Santa

Dec. 6th is feast of St. Nicholas in the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany and other parts of Europe. The best way to learn about this saint is by learning the difference between him and Santa Claus. So, here are the differences as published on St. Nicholas Center web site.

Santa Claus is round and plump;
St. Nicholas is tall and thin.

Santa Claus wears a stocking cap;
St. Nicholas wears a bishop's hat.

Santa Claus comes December 25th;
St. Nicholas comes December 6th.

Santa Claus is often seen in stores;
St. Nicholas is often seen in churches.

Santa Claus flies through the air—from the North Pole;
St. Nicholas walked the earth, caring for those in need.

Santa Claus, for some, replaces Jesus at Christmas;
St. Nicholas, for all, points to Jesus at Christmas.

Santa Claus isn't bad;
St. Nicholas is just better!

-- C. Myers & J. Rosenthal

Browse their web site. It includes good information about this saint.

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