Friday, December 16, 2005

Murder of a Nun In The Amazon

ORIGINAL POST Feb. 15, 2005
Last Saturday, Sister Dorothy Stang was killed in the Amazon. The ABC News reported:

Stang, 73, a naturalized Brazilian originally from Dayton, Ohio, was attacked Saturday in a settlement 30 miles from Anapu, where she worked helping some 400 families survive in the rugged jungle.

A witness said that when two gunmen approached her, she pulled out a Bible and began to read. Her killers listened for a moment, took a few steps back and fired, he said. Coroners said she was shot six times at close range by two guns.

"Dorothy's last words were the only words she knew: the word of God," said Mary Alice McCabe, a nun from Connecticut who has lived in Brazil for 34 years.


May her soul rest in peace above the Amazon skies, where she lived and worked with the poor for many years.

UPDATE I - Dec. 16, 2005
The Associated Press reported:

BELEM, Brazil, Dec. 10 (AP) - Two Brazilian men were convicted Saturday of killing an American nun who spent decades trying to save the Amazon rain forest, in a trial many saw as a test of Brazil's commitment to prosecuting land-related killings.

Rayfran das Neves Sales and Clodoaldo Carlos Batista were found guilty of killing Dorothy Stang on Feb. 12 in the heart of the Amazon rain forest.

The seven-member jury sentenced Mr. Sales, who the prosecutor said shot the nun six times with a .38 caliber revolver on a muddy road, to 27 years in prison. Mr. Batista, charged as an accomplice, was sentenced to 17 years. They had faced up to 30 years.


I hope these news bring some peace of mind to her family and the people who loved her.

Tom Gibb from BBC News, Braxil has more details about Sr. Dorothy.

UPDATE II - Apr. 27, 2006
The Associated Press reports:

BELEM, Brazil - An Amazon farmer pleaded guilty Wednesday to hiring the gunmen in the killing of a nun from Ohio and was sentenced to 18 years for the slaying, which he said was ordered by two ranchers.

Amair Feijoli da Cunha, 38, told a jury the ranchers wanted Dorothy Stang killed because of her opposition to their plans to log a disputed patch of rainforest.

Feijoli said he offered money to two gunmen to shoot the 73-year-old nun on Feb. 12, 2005, at the behest of ranchers Vitalmiro Moura and Regivaldo Galvao.


Justice feels good.


Blogger Jessy said...

Thats so sad :( May her soul rest in peace.

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