Saturday, December 10, 2005

A Sign of Hope In Basra

Basra, my city of birth AND my favorite Iraqi city, suffered a lot from the militias that want to turn the city into a mini-Iran. Lately, many Christian families left the city because of different types of harassment from those militias.

In the middle of this darkness, there's a glimpse of hope in Basra. AsiaNews reports:

Basra (AsiaNews) - The ordination of ten Chaldean Catholics as deacons in Basra last Sunday has given believers hope in the future, this according to Mgr Djibrail Kassab, Archbishop of Basra, who spoke to AsiaNews about his congregationÂ’s expectations vis-à-vis the upcoming elections and Christmas.

Last Sunday, the Archbishop celebrated the closing mass of the Year of the Eucharist. "Two days ago," the prelate said, "we celebrate the Feast of the Annunciation according to the Chaldean liturgy." Ten new deacons were ordained on this occasion.

"The church was full. We were about 350," he noted. "We could read happiness on the faces of the faithful and the new deacons."

"These are always moments of great joy," he added.


This is really a sign of hope. Mgr Kassab was my church pastor when I lived in Baghdad. He's a very energetic person. I'm not surprised he kept people's faith alive during the last two years. You need to meet him to understand the kind of good person he is.


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