Monday, October 16, 2006

Has The World Forgotten The Iraqi Christians?

I partially answered this question in my previous post. Iraqi Christians are trying to make their voice heard. Patriarch of the Chaldean Church Emmanuel III Delly has raised the alarm again. AsiaNews reports:

Patriarch Delly,..., talked about the situation in Iraq, which is not good because of "the interference of others in the life of a country which used to be, like Lebanon and Syria, a model of peaceful coexistence between Christians and Muslims, who lived harmoniously for more than 1,400 years."... In an appeal to Iraq to return to peace and concord, he exhorted all men of goodwill to reinforce their support for its small Christian community.

The report continues with more from Delly:

Delly called for reflection on the forced exodus of many Christians because of persecution and the international community's indifference. "There is the danger that the Middle East, the blessed land of God, will be emptied of its Christian presence," he said. Already 80% have gone away, he continued, appealing for immediate aid to protect this "minority suffering because of the fratricidal war that has afflicted the country for many years".


I doubt his words of warning will make a difference. But at least many of us are trying.

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