Saturday, January 05, 2008

Mother Teresa:
In The Shadow of Our Lady

Mother Teresa never fails to inspire me. Every time I read a book dedicated to her, I learn something new about my favorite saint. Mother Teresa: In the Shadow of Our Lady is no exception.

I need to to make a confession. I got very busy with work. I had a limited time to read any books. I chose to read this book because it's short. It's less than 100 pages.

Things happen for a reason. This book is very different than the other books that focus on Mother Teresa's journey with Jesus. In this book, the author focuses on her journey with Mother Mary.

I never thought of the relationship between Mother Mary and Mother Teresa before reading this book. The book shows how the two saints lives intersected in many ways even though they lived in different times.

Now that I have read the book, I can draw parallels between the two saints. For that, I'm so glad I chose this book to read between my busy work and family commitments.

Mother Teresa:
In the Shadow of Our Lady

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